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Serenity Resthouse

Cebu North Philippines

Thinkers, dreamers, writers and readers, adventurers...


Relish clean fresh real nature, eat well, live well.

In fruit and mahogany trees, fireflies and stars.

Set in dynamic nature, escape the city and the noise!

Spacious and luxurious double rooms.

Walking, exploring, swimming, diving and cultural activities.

Hot and cold spring pools and clean sea nearby.

Updated April 14 2017 Serenity Guesthouse is an AirBnB SuperHost

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So much to have

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So much to see

Walk, tour or rent transport, guides


So much to do

Private and comfortable



Local grown food


Islands in the sun

Coconut romance


Babalon gardens

Pick it yourself


Life is a beach

Special spaces

English Tutor

With an English Graduate Teacher

Vacancies in April and May 2017

Help Children

Local Children are Fun!

Teach them yourself!

Computer Courses

Available July Augut 2017

Basic Computer Skills to Static Site Generators and Go Lang

Serenity Guest Rooms and House

have large outside covered spaces and cost from US$17 to $20 with breakfast for a couple

Lovers and Dreamers

Writers and Readers

Serenity House

English and Computer Courses

More Details

Many pages to explore

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  • Air conditioning & Smart Fan
  • WiFi & Cable Internet
  • Library with access to 2000 books
  • Flat screen TV & Chromecast
  • Massive Movie and TV Media Library
  • Hot Shower & Washing machine
  • Kitchen & Maxi bar (guests refrigerator)
  • Free Water & Ice, Coffee & Tea 24 hours
  • Full service menu available
  • Double bed, quality rubber mattress
  • Large rooms, own lounge & in room Safe
  • Large view deck in mountain & garden
  • Solar Lighting Backup
  • Rental Motorbikes
  • Long term luggage Storage
  • Resourceful Hosts, Guides
  • Visa extension assistance
  • Office: Photocopier & Laser Printers


You can have a healthy and inexpensive time ... Skip ↡

  • Relaxing in peace and fresh cooler air
  • Eating healthy food, sharing ideas
  • Walking in nature & mahogany forest
  • Picking Fruit, Planting trees
  • Exploring the countryside, meet the simple life
  • Visit local schools
  • Rental motor cycles
  • Walking the dogs
  • Discover caves ravines rivers
  • Cold spring, hot spring
  • Outstanding landscapes, outstanding people
  • Maps and local guides available
  • Sea swim, snorkel, scuba
  • Scuba re-discovery, diving
  • Swim with whale sharks
  • Island hopping day trips


If you want to move around ... Skip ↡

  • Island Hopping
  • Swim with whale sharks (Snorkel) TOURS ↑↡
  • Canyoning
  • Swim with thresher sharks (SCUBA)
  • Caving and Caverns
  • Visit Landmarks and Museums
  • Old Spanish Churches and newer Temples

  • You can get day tours to places such as

  • Basilica del Santo Niño in Cebu City
  • Cebu Taoist Temple
  • Diving - Moal Boal or Malapasqua Island Photos »»;
  • If you need any help we can get a tour plan to include associated sites as traffic issues in and around Cebu City may prove time consuming. Best to avoid Asian cities in the hot season!

Local Weather Indication

Sometimes four mini-seasons in one day!

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Hosts Skip ↡

Maria & Christopher

The Hosts

Welcome. Let us show you why everyone loves this Serenity. Feel at home with nature and yourself. Experience personally the people, the warmth, the nature and splendor.

Maria with Nancy and Michael

Sponsored Students

Nancy has completed her 4 year high school English qualification. Michael has one more year of school. Maria loves the garden and cooking.


Security in Charge

If you like friendly dogs we have some who are keen to follow you on any walk.

Ours dogs are groomed daily and have love they give back always.


It is our pleasure to serve you! . . . Skip ↡


Just Walk

Leaving Serenity Resthouse

Historical walking tracks for every level of fitness, to every part of Cebu!


Motorbike Rental

Guest rate (US$6) per day

So many close places to see and explore.


Canyoning Adventures

Walk north or south
Stunning landscapes in gorges (deep, narrow valleys with a stream or river running along their bottom)

Hot Spring

Esoy Hot Spring

An easy walk
Bookings needed usually the day before. We can guide you.

Some Reviews

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Jeanica Casila

My husband and I have lived in Cebu all our lives but we have just recently discovered the wonderful haven called Serenity Rock. We traveled there by private car and had a smooth journey. Simply follow Christopher's directions as the place is still a little far off the main road. Roads are paved as described. The community knows Christopher and the place and they were friendly enough so as to stop what they are doing and point you to the right direction.
When we finally reached the place, we were surprised by how far more beautiful it was than in the pictures. Nature is abundant everywhere you look and we instantly fell in love with the laid-back, rustic charm of the house. We were welcomed by Christopher, Maria Shiela, Nancy, Michael and the pet dogs with a warm welcome.
Our room was big and airy, a bookshelf stood in the common living room which housed many interesting titles for guests to kill the time. The bathroom was clean with hot/cold shower. Wifi signal was surprisingly strong for a house so high up in the mountains. There's free water and a fridge with beverages you can drink anytime and pay for upon check-out.
We were impressed they had such an extensive menu for a place so far from grocery stores. The food was delicious and meticulously plated. We honestly did not expect it to be restaurant quality. Prices are affordable and everything was served fresh. Christopher then took us to a nearby hotspring called Esoy hotspring and we went on trekking there to see the waterfalls.
After all that adventure we had a relaxing dip in the hot spring. Christopher is a gracious host, an engaging conversationalist, with many thoughts and knowledge to share. Maria, Nancy, and Michael were also very hospitable and accommodating of our concerns/requests. We enjoyed the one-night downtime we had at Serenity Rock.
Highly recommended if you want to just "get away" from the city life. We will be back!

Frances and Margaret

We had such a memorable place in Serenity. Chris (and his motorcycling dog) met us halfway in Duyan and escorted us to their place. Despite being located high in the mountains, it is easily accessible for cars and motorcycles due to the paved roads. The hosts were very warm and welcoming. The dogs were very friendly and we loved their company too. Even their fishes seemed to like us!
The food was superb, which they prepared for us. They provided a menu that has a wide array of choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables are given. We really cannot emphasize enough how much we loved the food. They stock the fridge with juice, soda and beer which is very convenient. Lots of amenities in the kitchen. Coffee, chocolate drinks and tea are free.
The bedroom was very comfortable, even cool enough at night with no need for the electric fan and aircon, both of which are available for your preference. Lots of movies to choose from on their TV's media device. The bathroom was very clean, and has a hot shower which we appreciate very much. The reading area has a tall shelf with hundreds of books, a reading lamp and a large table. The viewing deck was a lovely place to hang out in. A nice view surrounded with trees and a cool breeze.
At night the fireflies come out. Since their property is very large and the house is right in the middle, there are no neighbours nearby and therefore very quiet and peaceful. Another important thing to note is that as two female travelers, we felt very safe and secure even at night. Their property is lined with gardens and young forests with walking trails in between. The farther you walk up, the better the view.
At the top it is very fantastic as you can see a panorama of the ocean and mountains. Oh, we also got to plant trees with the help of Maria and their friendly neighbour! We would love to come back here. We will definitely recommend this to our friends.

Diame Isebelle - France Skip ↡

Nous avons passé un très agréable séjour chez Christopher et Maria. La chambre était grande et très propre, avec une vue magnifique. La terrasse est très agréable. La cuisine de Maria est bien meilleure et moins chère que celle des restaurants alentour.

Le site est très beau et très calme. Je le conseille au personnes en quête de repos et de détente (pas de musique à fond, chose rare aux Philippines), et surtout pas aux fêtards. Un moyen de locomotion est indispensable, sauf si vous êtes de (très) bons marcheurs, mais Christopher loue des scooters en bon état.

La cuisine partagée n'est pas très bien équipée, mais nous avons préféré déguster les plats cuisinés par Maria. Tout proche, vous avez des sources aménagées en piscines qui sont vraiment très agréables (25PHP/pers.).

Les paysages sont les plus beaux que nous avons vus aux Philippines. En bref, nous recommandons vivement cet hébergement, mais uniquement pour les personnes qui recherchent le calme et l'authenticité, et Christopher et Maria sont très disponibles et investis dans la vie locale (particulièrement pour ce qui concerne l'école et l'éducation des enfants). Nous les remercions pour leur accueil.

AirBnB Superhost

AirBnB developed the Superhost program to celebrate and support responsive, active, and highly-rated hosts.

What is AirBnB?

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Sacha - The Netherlands Skip ↡

Na een lange en vermoeiende reis kwamen we om 20.00 uur aan. Meteen een heel warm ontvangst en een heerlijke maaltijd.

En daar volgden nog meer van! Maria heeft vele filipijnse gerechten met veel smaak voor ons gemaakt en alles in enorme hoeveelheden.

De accommodatie is heel ruim opgezet, schoon, met airco en eigen terras. De rust en ruimte waren geweldig en de bergen spectaculair. Dat ontdekten we tijdens een tocht per brommer door de omgeving, vergezeld door Christoffer en Michael. Bij die tocht zat Ducky (1 van de honden) bij Chris voorop de brommer.

Het zwemmen in de cold spring is een aanrader! En de honden waren zo leuk, we waren helemaal verliefd op Hugo!

Stanislas Bieda - Poland & France

wszystko na najwyższym poziomie.

Yui - Japan Skip ↡

非常に素晴らしい宿泊体験でした。 ホストのクリストファーとマリアは、 懐が深く、知性に満ちた素晴らしい人格とホスピタリティの持ち主です。 彼らはマクタン空港からの送迎サービスも行っています。深夜早朝問わず対応してくれます。 観光の際は、車やバイクで様々なローカルスポットを案内してくれました。 家では、温かくて美味しい手料理と自家製フルーツを振る舞ってくれました。 彼らの家で暮らすマイケルは、 私の買い物に同行してコミュニケーションの全てをサポートしてくれました。 また、同時期にホストの友人も宿泊していました。彼も私を気にかけてくれ、 私の出国手続きに同行して全てをサポートしてくれました。 ホストと、 この家に住む人々は、あなたのフィリピン滞在を有意義なものにするために協力を惜しみません。 あなたがもし英語が得意でなくとも心配いりません。 私はほとんど英語を話せませんが、 私の稚拙な言葉にも丁寧に耳をかたむけて意思を汲みとり、 わかりやすい言葉を選んで話してくれました。 私は今回が初めての海外旅行でしたが、安心してフィリピンを楽しむことができました。 それは間違いなくホストと彼らの人望おかげです。 思わず涙が出るほどに、温かさに溢れた場所でした。 フィリピン滞在を有意義なものにしたい方や、心に寂しさを抱えている方は、 この家に宿泊することで素晴らしい時間を過ごすことができると思います。 本当にありがとう、私はここで過ごした時間を忘れません。

Duyan Catmon
Cebu Philippines
Serenity Resthouse
+63 932 625 9584

Text messages or AirBnB

+64 22 343 2897 for calls to NZ

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Why Here?

Duyan Catmon Cebu Philippines Skip ↡ Top ↑↑


It is difficult to find such a quite comfortable place in the Philippines. Here without neighbours we enjoy the clean air, lush nature, walking (there are so many tracks) and back roads with awesome scenery, and even motor cycle exploring. Trees grow fast here, we planted some 500 mahogany trees two years ago, last year another 1000.
Already you may enjoy our exotic seasonal fruit and the rooms are very comfortable, a maxi-bar kitchen next door, stereo and flat screen TV with Chromecast, free Wifi and meals to request.
We enjoy meeting and helping guests from all over the world.

A big thanks to all those who have encouraged our dream and appreciated the place.

Maria and Christopher - Duyan


I met Christopher and Maria a few years ago while on a holiday in the Philippines . I have made a couple more trips there and both times went to stay with them at the resort they are developing on Cebu. It is a beautiful , tranquil spot Maria cooked some lovely meals while I was there and we had some good trips out around the island.

Neil - Laos - Australian


Duyan has changed little Skip ↡

Catmon Cebu

Duyan is in Catmon

Area History

This locality, Duyan means hammock in Cebuano. Because of the limestone rock formations, steep hills and cliffs deeply cut by two large rivers bordering north and south, much of the land is still natural and accessible only by foot. There are many walking tracks, hundreds of years old. During the second world war, the Americans created a hospital near here as the area affords many natural spaces of tranquility. The river particularly below the hospital area (now housing a school) has a particularly awesome landscape of molded rocks and many pools.


The next inland locality is called "Tabili" translated as the green coconut lizard. The limestone formations change to volcanic ash covered clay rolling corn fields, further west then distant views to Negros Island and Bantayan Island. Most people inland live simple lives, many without electricity and water in their houses. They walk long distances for their water and live a simple camping type of lifestyle farming corn. The fields are formed by buffalo and corn, many keep a goat or two and some a hand feed cow.


Native local people have limited English but are very friendly and approachable. However, many children are shy of foreigners, others love to practice their English. You will be addressed as "Americano" as that is the general description of anyone foreign and often foreign men are addressed as "Joe" (to keep it simple I name myself as Joe sometimes.)

Relaxing Surroundings

A little more history Skip ↡

Living Here

Our tap water is collected from the roof or supplied from our spring and should not be drunk. We supply free drinking water, and please ask us to refill or supply bottles.

We can sleep here with the windows and doors open at night, it's a very safe property as we have a large family of dogs who roam the property freely.

If the dogs are too close to you, please ask them to leave, the young dogs all know the command "out" and you are welcome to say it anytime as the younger dogs are sometimes too interested in food.

Duyan Elementary School

Unpacking donated books

Please us support our local school, the heart of a proud community.

Once you leave the main highway everyone knows Duyan School and the Foreigner. .. especially the children of Duyan as we donated may books to the school! Feel safe here, the local people are friendly and helpful.

They always make visitors feel most welcome so visit the school please!
Graduation - guests include Maria and Christopher

About Us Skip ↡

Your hosts

Maria is from the locality and knows many things here and enjoys cooking and hospitality. She qualified in Hotel Restaurant Management.

Christopher has worked and traveled worldwide, more recently explored around South East Asia and the Philippines.

Christopher is an engineer and computer scientist and now retired to grow mahogany trees and study computing. He is scuba diver (once a PADI Instructor) familiar with places of Asia. Self described as a tech enthusiast with a big passion for nature, sustainability and poverty alleviation through educational and inspirational opportunities.

We support some students.
Personal Photos »»

Nancy and Michael, who assist us greatly and we welcome you to talk with them as they have learning English and wish to learn about other cultures.

Some Basics

It is our pleasure to serve you! Skip ↡

Keeping Cool

Smart Fans

An Asahi smart fan has a remote control, with the same controls in the mounting. You switch on the fan with the top right speed button. Usually one click there is fast enough. Left of that button is a useful timer function button as often at night it may get much cooler and a fan would not be necessary anymore, you may get woken.
Each press of the button is one hour, then two, four and eight hours. I usually in this climate set the fan going for two hours. The bottom left button switches on and off the oscillation whereby the fan swings left and right so you may position the fan in another direction also. The bottom right button pulses the speed of the motor creating a wafting breeze but I usually use this setting as pitch of the fan changes disturbingly.
All these actions can be done from the remote control. Please ask us if you have another question or if you want a demonstration.

Air Conditioning

Even though the room has air-conditioning, the fan and the clean mountain air may provide you the best sleep generally. Some nights and afternoon are impossibly hot or humid and a comfortable sleeping temperature for the air-con is usually 25-26 degrees whereas when doing computer works or reading you may want 24 degrees settable in the Air Conditioning.

Television Satellite

TV service

If provided has a remote control allowing you to control the channel and the volume, in this country there is no Electronic Program Guide provided and the location and availability of channels may change without notice.
This is beyond our control and systematic in the Philippines. The TV setting needs to be set to the HDMI input for the satellite receiver and you may use the volume control also on the TV remote.
Skip Details ↡


220V AC

Electrical supply 240 volts AC 60 Hertz but frequently the voltage drops significantly, aggravated by the poor distribution design and lack of surge protection systems. In this house, much of the lighting are supplied by solar panels as power interruptions can be frequent particularly in lightning storms and high winds.
For your safety and comfort we have solar powered backup systems and can always run a refrigerator keeping your drinks cold even on the hottest day if we have a prolong power cut. We also can supply 110 volts for those people from Japan and the USA. Most modern equipment is dual voltage, especially portable electronic equipment.

Media Service

Plex Media Service

Play media on your TV with Chromecast

To control the Chromecast, you need to download a program called "Plex", once you load Plex, follow any additional instructions we give and you will then see the media library which can be played to your TV using the chromecast.
We will assist you with this and demonstrate it.


Free WiFi Internet

Our Internet is provided through our own cell tower, however we are dependent on the proper operation of the Internet by the various telephone companies and unfortunately sometimes occasionally the Internet service in this country has been appalling. We have printers and photocopier, usually A4 paper.

Happy Food

Eat Well

Our menu is adjusted to a healthy mostly Western taste style. We source our food usually from the local weekly market and we have to get supplies from Cebu City and a supermarket. Especially for more exotic items, it can frustratingly difficult to find them so we have adopted our menu accordingly picking the best available fresh local food. With our menu, we will talk with you asking what your eating preferences are, and we will make our best effort to suggest and supply to you some local adoption or something from our local supplies.
It's a great help to us if you order your preferred meals ahead of time as there is no local shopping and sometimes we will always try to obtain fresh items.

Maxi Bar

Helping Yourself

Maxi Bar Attach to your bedroom is a kitchen with a stocked refrigerator, for your use. We also have provided a coffee machine, electric kettle and toaster so that anytime you may make a hot drink, etc.
The tea and coffee is free but drinks are on your account but you can take them anytime 24 hours. If you are short of ice please ask us for more. The range of drink available in the Philippines is limited but the local rum and beer is outstanding value.
If you are longer term staying guest, of course we are gladly help you obtaining any other preferred elixir were possible.


If you carry your life on a phone?

Be prepared to loose it or to break it, by backing it up or much better take another one on holiday. Even loosing your sim card from back home may be a nusance that will cost you. Roaming is costly, get people to email you. Even the better bus services have WiFi on board now.

Finest Rum

Quality Local Rum

Famous Rum

Our regular Norwegian guest however has chosen as their preferred rum been the 8 year Tanduay, a combination of high quality smooth rum with a little hint of rawness giving it a signature flavor.

We try to keep large stocks of that rum on hand just like the British Navy did.


Big SLR Cameras

Asia is bright, small cameras work well

For years I've been using the point and shoot Panasonic Lumix cameras. I've travelled with people who has expensive and large cameras, and at the end of the time togethere we exchanged photos. If you are on the move take the small camera anytime, the qulaity is as good for travel pictures. Many good photos have been taken by me from a moving van, because my camera sat inside a belt pocket as was quick to open.

Pack Your Bag

Practice Packing Your Bag

Budget fly - budget travel - see the back country!

For tourists please have a think about this. I've been travelling in Aisa for over 40 years. Take very little. Clothes are cheap here and you need very few. They dry fast and the locals can wash anything and dry it even when it is raining using a fire. You don't even need a towel or bring a small one. Standing with the shower you can wipe off the water. The rest will evaporate soon.
Most cotton shirts are too thick. Thin cotton is much cooler. Quality brand name stuff can be sweat boxes. Bring a thin rain coat, your biggest hassel is the aeroplane (use a cheap blanket) and the the last segment in your own country. No liquids or sprays if carry-on baggage, nor sissors etc. But with some brand shifting you can get anything you need on arrival. Good waterproof spray on sunscreen is available here cheaper so don't pre-load your stuff unless you have very limited time. Jeans - I almost never wear them, they are hot and restrict walking. If you bring them, you can cut them down to shorts and have them sewn up cheaper than buyng a pair of shorts!
Shoes - Get the best quality sandals you can unless you are intending to treck a lot.
Backpack - Get a ventilated sort that has some separation between your back and the load.
Tablets versus laptop - If you work overseas a laptop is needed and for backing up photos. Sports - My affair with water - for 40 years I carried small flippers, mask and snorkel. Power Bank - Mobile phone charger and torch.

Getting Around

It is our pleasure to serve you! Skip Flying ↡

Fly to Cebu

Cebu Mactan International Airport

Direct International Flights including from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and KL to Cebu Mactan International Airport
Flights from most parts of the Philippines to Cebu including Clark
Close to many popular destinations easy day trips. Guests can also easily explore Cebu's outstanding Islands, Malapascua, Bantayan, Bohol and the Camotes Islands.

This house is in the mountain area, fresh air and cooler with no neighbours but is located close to popular destinations for busy travelers.

Cebu to Serenity

From Cebu to Catmon

Catmon 53 km going north from Cebu.
Duyan is 4 km from the highway.
Close to many popular destinations easy day trips. Guests can also easily explore Cebu's outstanding Islands, Malapascua, Bantayan, Bohol and the Camotes Islands.

This house is in the mountain area, fresh air and cooler with no neighbours but is located close to popular destinations for busy travelers.

Travel to CATMON (Get to Catmon Town, not Catmon-Daan) and go inland to Duyan.
Turnoff at JM Livestock and Poultry Feeds on the main highway.

Getting Here

All the way to the front gate! Skip ↡

From Airport

From Cebu or Airport via Liloan:

This is the fastest way. Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Lapu-Lapu Airport Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6016 Cebu to Catmon, 6006 Cebu

Cheap and Saves Time: White Taxi to Titays Liloan north of Cebu City P160-P200.

TIP: If you like the driver ask for a fixed price to Catmon!

Negotiate to P1500 or P2000 or to JM Catmon on main highway less P300.

Then get any north bound bright yellow CERES bus which may not be air conditioned to Catmon town ~ 100mins.
Tell the bus conductor - JM Marketing in Catmon. Cost in 2017: About P68 to P78 ~ the air conditioned bus is p10 more than the regular service.

From Cebu

From Cebu WHITE Taxi

All the way to the door or Catmon ....

Negotiate to P1500 or P2000 or to JM Catmon on main highway less P300.

Make sure you get a WHITE Taxi. The yellow AIRPORT taxis are EXPENSIVE by comparison!

Mini-Van Share going North or South

From the city and north, there are also many mini-van services. Ask for JM Marketing in Catmon.


Taxi to the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Get any bus going north to JM in Catmon. You may choose an Air Con Bus with free WiFi!

From Catmon

From Catmon town we are 10 minutes away.

From JM on the NATIONAL HIGHWAY in CATMON to Duyan Serenity

Take a 15 min P50 motorbike taxi to Duyan to our gate past the school from JM!

Or BY CAR: go to the Duyan Elementary School and turn right.

We are 200m past the school. We have paved roads on our property.

If in doubt we can also arrange to meet you. It is best to email us first to discuss what is possible.

If you do not like motorbikes, have too much gear (or hire two motorbikes)

  • In the wet season we prefer to pick you up
  • If you are unwell or just don't like motorbikes we will get you

From North Cebu

From the Bantayan and Malapascua Ferrys

From the ferrys the reliable choice is the yellow Ceres Bus.

You may also be offered a Van hire or private car or sometimes a taxi is going back to Cebu empty.

If in doubt we can also arrange to meet you. It is best to email us first to discuss what is possible.

If you do not like motorbikes, have too much gear (or hire two motorbikes)

  • In the wet season we prefer to pick you up
  • If you are unwell or just don't like motorbikes we will get you

See the Whale Sharks

Explore Cebu from Serenity Duyan Skip ↡

Whale Sharks

Leaving early in the morning
A super unique experience. Let us tell you more about how to enjoy this unique chance to swim with whale sharks. It is very safe. Photos Whale Sharks »»


You get very close to these magnificent spotted beasts!
Outstanding. We can hire underwater cameras.

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Leaving in the morning.
A super unique experience. Stay at White Sand Bungalows to be in a Native house on the beach. You can do a day trip or overnight stay. Malapascua »»

Bantayan Island

Leaving in the morning.
A super unique island hopping experience, available most times as large ferry service. A relaxed island with white sand beaches and no hills; a safe ferry ride from Hagnaya. Photos Bantayan »»

North Cebu

Even more adventures

Bantayan, Leyte, Negros, The Comotes
Travel by ferry or bang boat! (The local boats usually have no muffler.)

My personal favorites are:

  • Capitancillo Wikipedia for diving
  • Guintacan Island (for everything)
  • Thresher sharks

    This is an easy day trip but for diving best to be overnight or early departure. Best Thresher diving in the mornings. My Shark Photos »»
    A super unique experience if you are a SCUBA diver. Christopher has dfone this mamy times. For overnight, stay at the White Sand Bungalows to be in a native house on the beach.
    From Maya or Bantayan Is to Catmon less than 80 km. The roads improve (get faster due to less traffic) and Bogo to Maya is mostly flat. Photos »»


    Much more deeper in the web site! . . . Skip ↡

    For Flight ideas...Don't Book *

    Information about flights and connections. But prices are sometimes much more expensive than booking directly with the airline and their customer service and conditions are tough.
    In a recent price comparison on one date the flights were 35% higher than booking directly with the airlines.

    Wanting a flexible timetable?

    If you have a return ticket, make sure that you can change the return date easily or without significant penalty. Travellers to the Philippines are asked for an onward ticket always by the incomming airline. Customs never have asked for it unless you are covered in tatoos, but it is a requirement but you want to make use of the fact that tourist Visas are easy to extend, up to 18 months.

    To get aboard you need to book the cheapest future flight to another country that you can afford to not use.

    If you have a open return ticket, but on a one way ticket to Cebu etc please get an exit ticket booking. A favourite cheap price is Air Asia from anywhere in the Philippines to say Malaysia from Clark or Kalibo.

    From New Zealand...

    Planet Earth Travel, a family business, specializes in tours to the Philippines. Get the best deals in some seasons or group tour. I can personally recommend using this company and have used them many times over 20 years. Edith Carpenter is the manager.

    Thank you Christopher

    Is Cebu Safe?

    With the crackdown on drugs the number of petty crime and hold up events have massively diminished.

    Before P (Shabu) was almost sold openly like fish. Town dwellers say streets were noisy till the late house as dealers on zero mufflered motorbikes advertised and sold to the mostly innocent. Yes we all notice the peace. Many poor people have suffered. Please come and support them with tourism.


    But there are a lot more pages to explore . . . Skip ↡


    We can be your guides too

    Exploring inland by trekking or motorbike, fruit picking, gardening, cave exploring, local walks, river walks, hot spring (requires booking), cold spring, dinner by candlelight, manicure/pedicure (requires booking), Thursday trip to local market, day-trips include Malapascua, Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, Turtle lagoon resort, and my favorite swimming, scuba and snorkeling.

    We are resourceful hosts

    Proud to share

    We really hope and trust that your stay here is incredibly comfortable and restful, however please talk to us about anything as we are very resourceful and will help you where possible with any issue whether it is medical, food related, entertainment or any other issue, please have a chat with us.