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Oslob and Whale Sharks

For years you can go diving in the tropics hoping to swim with a whale shark, but never getting the chance. In Oslob, as the whale sharks are fed daily, you can always swim in schools of them! If you can use a mask, you must, otherwise you will not see their grandure.

Big Problem

Too big to photograph!


This whale shark is popular.

I am not edible

I hope.

Small Eyes

Big Mouth.

Gill Fish Glistening

Plankton Eaters.

Three's a crowd

It got very busy, like so busy it was almost impossible to stay away from the tail.

But relaxed Beasts

Turned slowly and calmly away.

Breakfast Please

They dine on krill we are told by the fishermen who feed them.

Big Mouth Big Gills

Whale Sharks, like whales, feed on small plankton and krill by sucking in and filtering large volumes of water, then expelling from the flaps seen near the head open in this photo.

Sea Leopards

Striking patterns mimic the seas surface light interrupting wavelets.

So Disguised

So stunningly clever.

Polka Dot

Count the spots.

A Flat Mouth

To get the surface layer of food.

So Get In The Water

Because from a boat it is not the same!

Close To The Shore

The whale watching program is in the mornings only, you are free to swim in the area in the afternoons, with a good chance you will see a whale shark.

Get in the water to see

Not so smart sitting in a boat as you cannot appreciate their magnificence.

Pilot Fish? Saint Peter's Fish?

Many times when I snorkel one of these tiny black and yellow fish will tenaciously follow me for hours, right till I'm standing in two inches of water as I leave the sea. What a risky place to live! Online they cost $50 each for sea water aquariums!

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