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Lost canyon with cold spring and bare rocks and cliffs

Not so difficult walk, but has a steep incline. Takes about 30-45 minutes from Serenity Resthouse. Guests can ask Micheal Christopher or Maria to be guides.

Located in Duyan Catmon Cebu, this spectacular cliff area and ravine is in one of the two rivers straddling Catmon.

More adventurous types can rock hop up or down the ravine. Some swimming may be required so take some method of waterproofing any cameras and phones. In both directions the ravine will eventually turn into a less daunting landscape allowing easier access to the surrounding countryside. Take a small picnic and make some time for swimming and cooling off. With plenty of drinking water in the natural spring, a barely accessible area, expect no locals to bother you. A place to dream that you are unique; imagine that you are a first explorer there some hundreds of years ago!

For the more adventurous
Cold Spring
Some wading or swimming is needed to explore the river
Our noble companion

If Ducky cannot ride a motorbike he will escort you anywhere

Returning to Serenity

You must climb a small hill

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