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Esoy Natural Thermal Hot Spring

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Esoy Hot Spring

Natures warm water

Hotels near Esoy Hot Spring (Onsen)

Very close to Serenity Guesthouse

The hot spring is a completely natural warm stream with a slight sulfurous smell. It enters a large cave on the side of the river in an amazing ravine perfect for monkeys. Bookings are necessary as this is a very small place and anyone with a booking has exclusive use of the pool. A large pool it can accommodate many people but it is also perfect for a romantic occasion.

All ages

Enjoy the unique Esoy Hot Spring Duyan Catmon Cebu

Guests from all over the world have enjoyed this unique and fantastic natural surprise.

Younger fit people can cross the suspension bridge and explore the rivers many waterfalls and deep pools.
Esoy can guide you across a swing bridge into the most amazing cave below. Possibly one of the most outstanding natural structures in Cebu, the limestone has melded into lotus leaf shaped formations from the dripping water, a process enhanced by the warm water dissolving more calcium carbonate.
Duyan is famous for prolific common marine fossils. In some areas every rock seems to contain coral and shell shaped imprints. At other levels such as the ravine, the darker coloured volcanic rocks have many hues. We can assume that the sea was depositing these calcium marine formations onto the rock before it was uplifted by tectonic plate movement.
Hot water, volcanic activity occurs where the earths crust is thinner or cracked. Hot springs such as these are common in New Zealand and Japan. Japanese call them onsen, a practical and important way to stay clean and healthy for centuries. Famously monkeys in Japan will soak in the hot pools. Here in Duyan the wild monkeys perch in the trees above but like the fish they will circle sometimes for the chance of a snack.”

All ages

Enjoy the unique Esoy Hot Spring Duyan Catmon Cebu

For group booking and day travellers please contact Esoy

On Facebook or 0923 533 7427.

Note that for safety no overnight stay is allowed in the Hot Spring area. The area has many cliffs and drop-offs and may flash flood. Like wise alcohol may be limited due to guest safety.

For the Hot Sping, bookings are essential at least the day before.

Please note that at the Esoy Hot Spring there is no Cellphone signal nor any Internet.

Accommodation - you cannot stay in the hot spring area

Very close to Serenity Guesthouse (you may book here.)

While Catmon has many more activities to offer, your time slot may not be available unless you book an overnight stay. Serious exploration of Catmon can easily take days, and you will love the place for the natural beauty and wonder. So if you are planning to see and feel the hot spring, perhaps some canyoneering, please note you need to book.

Wet weather may make the swim impossible as sometimes the area may flood. Walls protect the hot pool area but as the water level may get very high in flash floods no one is allowed to enter the pool area in extreme weather, and for the same reason no one is allowed in the river area at night time. Flash floods can raise the water lever in the river over 30 feet (10 meters.)

Best months for the river cave and many waterfalls adventure, April and May. Other months there may be a flash flood, so Esoy will supervise your visit for your safety, and the adventures available may depend on the weather.

Relax in a Hot Spring

A most memorable place

Picnic also available.

Ask Maria at Serenity Guesthouse to make a picnic or some snacks! They supply repellent for insects. The walk down to the hot spring is many steps, take it slowly and enjoy the jungle surrounding you.

Even parts of the river here are warm

Sometimes three different hot pools available

Perfect place to relax

You can stay in the hot spring for a long time as it is neither too hot or too cold.

Sometimes (weather dependent) can go canyoning

For the more adventurous

Life-jackets are provided

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Hot Spring

Esoy Hot Spring

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Bookings needed usually the day before. We can guide you.
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