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Underwater Photographs

Some photographs collected diving around Cebu Island in the Philippines

Table Coral

Common and great nursery structures, sometime 3m across. Many a fish hides uderneath the hard protective coral table.


You can see these everywhere snorkeling, the living coral has protective chemicals that may sting very painfully. Also for their health, never touch live corals. Dead coral has been bleached white or may contain brown algae on the underside. You can pick this up, the broken coral helps make those magnificent white sand beaches. The bleaching of coral reefs due to the rise in sea temperature and acidity allows coral worms to eat out the interior of the coral masses, causing them to crumble. Whole coral reefs will disappear due to wave action eventually, apart from any sea level rise causing further damage.

Night Diving

The sea worms are most strikingly obvious if you night dive, in Fiji I witnessed whole reefs dead and full of sea works, the masses of worms sparkle like stars under moonlight or torch. Yes you can Scuba dive at night time! It’s fun for many reasons.

Fan Coral

This one at 15 meters depth.

Spotting the Angler Fish?

Also known as a frog fish, it walks about.

Snorkeling Exercise

For temperate climate visitors the warm sea makes for a relaxing place to exercise. It is easy to swim long distances safely.

Turtles are common here

many times they will be sleeping on the shoreline at snorkelling depth.

Follow the Turtle

If a turtle on the drop off is alarmed it will swim out to deep waters then circle back to rest or eat again in on the drop offs coral lip. If you want to see more of the turtle notice, sometime by discretely follow out to sea, to find which way it is circling back to the reef.

Clown Fish

Also known as a Nemo, it plays about, can get play aggressive but after it relaxes will let you touch it's nose for fun.

Tropic Tides

Many tides here have a half rhythm, that is, they are out much of the time and the daily full tide is a half tide. Every month the cyclical movements combine to make full tides in the daytime. You can download a tide calendar app that shows this clearly.

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Some 40 plus years of diving has a point.

More pictures and stories to come soon.

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Historical walking tracks for every level of fitness, to every part of Cebu!


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Canyoning Adventures

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Hot Spring

Esoy Hot Spring

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