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Catmon Cebu

Duyan is in Catmon

Area History

This locality, Duyan means hammock in Cebuano. Because of the limestone rock formations, steep hills and cliffs deeply cut by two large rivers bordering north and south, much of the land is still natural and accessible only by foot. There are many walking tracks, hundreds of years old. During the second world war, the Americans created a hospital near here as the area affords many natural spaces of tranquility. The river particularly below the hospital area (now housing a school) has a particularly awesome landscape of molded rocks and many pools.


The next inland locality is called "Tabili" translated as the green coconut lizard. The limestone formations change to volcanic ash covered clay rolling corn fields, further west then distant views to Negros Island and Bantayan Island. Most people inland live simple lives, many without electricity and water in their houses. They walk long distances for their water and live a simple camping type of lifestyle farming corn. The fields are formed by buffalo and corn, many keep a goat or two and some a hand feed cow.


Native local people have limited English but are very friendly and approachable. However, many children are shy of foreigners, others love to practice their English. You will be addressed as "Americano" as that is the general description of anyone foreign and often foreign men are addressed as "Joe" (to keep it simple I name myself as Joe sometimes.)

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