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See the Whale Sharks

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Whale Sharks

Leaving early in the morning
A super unique experience. Let us tell you more about how to enjoy this unique chance to swim with whale sharks. It is very safe. Photos Whale Sharks »»


You get very close to these magnificent spotted beasts!
Outstanding. We can hire underwater cameras.

Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Leaving in the morning.
A super unique experience. Stay at White Sand Bungalows to be in a Native house on the beach. You can do a day trip or overnight stay. Malapascua »»

Bantayan Island

Leaving in the morning.
A super unique island hopping experience, available most times as large ferry service. A relaxed island with white sand beaches and no hills; a safe ferry ride from Hagnaya. Photos Bantayan »»

North Cebu

Even more adventures

Bantayan, Leyte, Negros, The Comotes
Travel by ferry or bang boat! (The local boats usually have no muffler.)

My personal favorites are:

  • Capitancillo Wikipedia for diving
  • Guintacan Island (for everything)
  • Thresher sharks

    This is an easy day trip but for diving best to be overnight or early departure. Best Thresher diving in the mornings. My Shark Photos »»
    A super unique experience if you are a SCUBA diver. Christopher has dfone this mamy times. For overnight, stay at the White Sand Bungalows to be in a native house on the beach.
    From Maya or Bantayan Is to Catmon less than 80 km. The roads improve (get faster due to less traffic) and Bogo to Maya is mostly flat. Photos »»


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    For Flight ideas...Don't Book *

    Information about flights and connections. But prices are sometimes much more expensive than booking directly with the airline and their customer service and conditions are tough.
    In a recent price comparison on one date the flights were 35% higher than booking directly with the airlines.

    Wanting a flexible timetable?

    If you have a return ticket, make sure that you can change the return date easily or without significant penalty. Travellers to the Philippines are asked for an onward ticket always by the incomming airline. Customs never have asked for it unless you are covered in tatoos, but it is a requirement but you want to make use of the fact that tourist Visas are easy to extend, up to 18 months.

    To get aboard you need to book the cheapest future flight to another country that you can afford to not use.

    If you have a open return ticket, but on a one way ticket to Cebu etc please get an exit ticket booking. A favourite cheap price is Air Asia from anywhere in the Philippines to say Malaysia from Clark or Kalibo.

    From New Zealand...

    Planet Earth Travel, a family business, specializes in tours to the Philippines. Get the best deals in some seasons or group tour. I can personally recommend using this company and have used them many times over 20 years. Edith Carpenter is the manager.

    Thank you Christopher

    Is Cebu Safe?

    With the crackdown on drugs the number of petty crime and hold up events have massively diminished.

    Before P (Shabu) was almost sold openly like fish. Town dwellers say streets were noisy till the late house as dealers on zero mufflered motorbikes advertised and sold to the mostly innocent. Yes we all notice the peace. Many poor people have suffered. Please come and support them with tourism.

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    Just Walk

    Leaving Serenity Resthouse

    Historical walking tracks for every level of fitness, to every part of Cebu!


    Motorbike Rental

    Guest rate (US$6) per day

    So many close places to see and explore.


    Canyoning Adventures

    Walk north or south
    Stunning landscapes in gorges (deep, narrow valleys with a stream or river running along their bottom)

    Hot Spring

    Esoy Hot Spring

    An easy walk
    Bookings needed usually the day before. We can guide you.
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