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CATCH Computer Courses for non-English Students (CESOL)

Courses are structured around the needs of the student

All courses have minimum requirements that the student must bring. Please check the course requirements page. - Course Requirements

Solo courses also are available as a

Courses Options

101: The fundamentals of computer communication (3 to 5 days)

As realized and understood many times, communication is the key. Getting a firm grip on the parameters, not just the outline, is essential for fluent communication.

The devil is in the detail, but people learn fast when immersed in these practical subjects they can get hands-on experience with.

102: Web Fundamentals (3 to 4 days)

Making a web site involves a wide range of skills. Layout, message, media and function etc. Creating websites needs skills in layout, messaging, programming, analysis, advertising, designing for humans, photography, copy, spelling and even just HTML.

103: Office Fundamentals

202: Making a website ( 2 days)

203: Javascript Refresher ( 2 days)

301: Static site generation using Hugo (2 to 6 days)

This course and workshop is for those who want to generate websites with the Hugo generator. This course encourages you (and we will assist you to convert your site while doing our course.)

302: App Workshop (4 days)

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